Tuesday, March 9, 2010

IM BACCCKKK! new foundation maybelline dream mousse!

ayeee girrls, ive missed you allll but im back :)
anyways i wanted to do a quick post today before im off to do some errands, has anyone tried the maybelline dream mousse liquid foundation? lemme know because im testing it out right now... revlon colorstay is much too pink for me and wears off splotch-ily at the end of the day :(

so you dont forget what i look likee, i snapped a quick picture:
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whats your favorite drugstore foundation?



  1. I don't use liquid foundation. I used to used Bare Minerals powder and recently tried the Loreal brand and it works pretty good almost the same.

  2. im glad your back! i havent tried it but i heard some girls like it.

  3. Iv never tried the liquid one, but i love the normal dream matte mousse, its so easy to apply and blends so easily! :)

    Hannah xoxo

  4. hmmm....revlon colorstay!...fave drugstore def... if i dont use my clinique, bare minerals, LM, or Lancome. ha...i am a foundation/tinted moisturizer whore :-)