Sunday, March 6, 2011

REVIEW: New Clearasil Ultra Acne+Marks Wash and Mask vs. Clearasil Ultra Face Wash

Hi hunnies! I have a ton of great posts coming up, but thought I would start with this review.


I was running low on my Clearasil Ultra Face Wash last week, so I ran to Target. Me, being in a rush as always, didn't realize I grabbed the wrong one until I got home! Instead of the usual face wash, I grabbed the Acne+Marks Wash and Mask. I was very intrigued as I love multi tasking products and am OBSESSED with the original face wash so I thought I'd try it out :)
*Review for that one here*

I searched for reviews on this new product, but could only find one on makeupalley and only a couple on other blogs so I thought I'd let you girls know my thoughts on this. This is supposed to be use once a night as a wash (you could use 2x/day as well, but I found that too drying) and twice a week as a mask. To "active" it in mask form, you're supposed to leave it on for one minute longer. That's it. I was a bit skeptical because I already leave my face wash on for about 30 seconds, but decided to leave this on for about two or three minutes.

WARNING: The face wash will not dry like a normal mask-it will feel slightly tacky. I thought it would be kind of hard or even dried up and crumbly in some areas, but that was not the case.

After using this for the past week (and using it as a mask every other day), I can gladly say this has replaced my usual HG Clearasil Ultra Face Wash. After comparing the two though, I found they are the exact same product! Same ingredients, word for word, and in the exact same order. I am not sure if this one will replace the other because they are the same thing.

Leaving it on as a mask has made it even more HG worthy than normal...I have some acne scarring on my cheeks but this seems to have made them fade almost 80% in the last WEEK! I love this product and would definitely reccomend. If you have the other face wash, don't bother picking this up, just use your current one as a mask; but if youre running low on the other or haven't tried either, I would definitely reccomend this.

What skin care have you guys loved lately?


  1. I'm running low on my usual face wash, I might give this a try when I go to buy a new one! x

  2. thanks for the lovely review :)

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  3. I'm obsessed with Lush's Ocean Salt scrub. This stuff works wonders!
    I reviewed it on my blog!

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  5. I was looking at this product today and didnt purchase it! Straight back to the store tomorrow to get it! Thanks x x

  6. thanks for the great review. it's nice to see that a drugstore brand can actually provide some really great results. i have a feeling that i'm going to be trying this verrryyyy soon

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  7. so, what do you recommend using at the other end of the day, when you've already used this one?

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  9. have tried Garnier face wash, which also said it would fade marks. But it never, since your review i am now going to buy this and try it out for myself =) Thank you.


  10. I picked up my first 'bottle' tonight, and searching for reviews I came across your blog lol. I'm anxious to see how it turns out. I have a few acne scars that I would love to clear up.

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  12. Cute blog!
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  13. thanks for the review! i hate acne marks and am going to pick this up today and give it a try :)


  14. thanks for the review! I will be trying this product I read about it here:,,20504509_20504076_20981914,00.html so I googled to see if there were any actual reviews. Sounds like it's worth buying.

  15. The difference between facewash can only be realised by using it rather by searching through various other facewashes in the blog.


  16. I have been trying this for about two weeks now, doing the mask and then the wash when I'm in the shower, but.. I've been breaking out a lot from it, do you think I'm using it too much? It's making my face hurt with bad pimples.

  17. I've only used the Lady Soma Antioxidant Berry Masque twice so far, but I've already seen results! I have very sensitive combination skin so the Lady Soma skincare products are perfect for me becuase they focus on leveling the Ph levels in your skin. I use the face masque at night before bed and the next morning most of my blemishes are already cleared up! Its definitely effective and smells good!